Location Alert Donate|玩不用錢生產應用App

Location Alert Donate|玩生產應用App免費|玩APPs

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Location Alert gives you the possibility to set an alert on a specific location.

Simply choose a location by coordinates, by searching an address over the mapview or by taking one of your previously saved locations.

In addition to that, you get the ability to to choose an accuracy for your alert and an alert message.

As soon as you reach an area within the chosen accuracy distance of your alert location, the alert gets triggered, a sound is played and your alert message is displayed.

- Delay Function: In case you want to activate your alert after some time has passed

Location Alert Donate|玩生產應用App免費|玩APPs

- Categories: Save your previously found locations into various categories and spare the time to search for them again

- Edit your Alert: The ability to cancel the alert or edit the alert message, once the alert has been activated

- Settings: Having the ability to chose from your favorite ringtones and notifications, which will be played once the alert is triggered or to activate vibration alarm.

- Display saved locations: Display saved locations on the map

- Display current location: Use the app to locate yourself and display your surroundings on the map

- Optimized GPS algorithm: Location Alert contains a specially optimized GPS algorithm. The algorithm disables GPS updates depending on the distance to your alert location for a specific time in order to save battery life. In case you are in areas without GPS reception, the app stops looking for GPS until you enter areas with reception. This improves your battery life significantly. With using our techniques we managed to get excellent battery life while running an alert in background.

Location Alert Donate|玩生產應用App免費|玩APPs

If you have any questions or remarks, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately.

Location Alert Donate|玩生產應用App免費|玩APPs

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