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-Displays clean, clear, easy-to-read lyrics for the song you are currently playing in a music app or lets you search for a song

-Resize the words to the song by using your fingers on the screen to Pinch-In or Pinch-Out

-Uses theme colors you've chosen for your phone to give you the look you want and not clutter up your display

-Full-featured Trial is ad-supported


-Purchase the Full version for Ad Hiding option

-Phone Dialer & User Identity capabilities part of Microsoft's Ads and are not used, stored or transmitted in any way by the developer of this app

-Location Services can be turned off in all versions and are only used to aid Microsoft's Ads in showing you more relevant ads; also not used, stored or transmitted in any other way by the developer of this app

New features (see footnotes at bottom):

New in 1.6:

*# Improved search results for artists with characters like hyphens in their names


*# Increased display area for lyrics; improved display with longer song titles

New in 1.5:

* Support for Fast Application Switching: now switching back to LyricsNowPlaying via FAS instantly resumes; no more "Resuming…" screen!

New in 1.4:

- Gives more room for lyrics to be displayed when Ads are disabled (the full length of the screen)


- Improved search field by selecting all of the existing text when you enter the field

New in 1.3:

- Search for lyrics by typing in the artist and song title; works great for when you just want lyrics without having the song or playing it, or when you want lyrics to a different song from the one you are playing

New in 1.2:

- Fixed problem with lyrics not being returned for any song


- Overhauled layout for better screen space usage; changed buttons in app bar to Options in a pivot item

*These features are FOR WINDOWS PHONE 7.5 ONLY (see

#Available by November for Windows Phone 7.0


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