Macquarie University Map|玩不用錢交通運輸App

Macquarie University Map|玩交通運輸App免費|玩APPs

Free! Your unofficial Macquarie Uni campus map.

Makes uni easy. Find every tutorial room, lecture theatre, computer lab, coffee shop, carpark, bus stop, sports field, your nearest toilet, vending machine -even campus "secret locations".

The app tells you;

> How far each place is from you and how long it will take to walk.

> A COMPASS even points you in the right direction!

Macquarie University Map|玩交通運輸App免費|玩APPs

> You can VOTE for your favourite campus coffee shop, lunch place - or anything on campus!

> With "COMMENTS" you can read and reply to student thoughts on every location too.

And it's part of StudentVIP, so it's 100% free.

Which map app should I get?

This is built by the team behind the popular multi-campus app, "Lost On Campus".

Lost On Campus has the ability to flip between 42 campuses around Australia (and the app is no bigger...). So if you plan on visiting other campuses, Lost On Campus is the better option.

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