Match 3: Flower Power|玩不用錢解謎App

Match 3: Flower Power|玩解謎App免費|玩APPs

Uncover beautiful flora in our floral theme games! Flower Power is a celebration of power of flowers. We have blue flowers, red flowers, bell flowers, and wild flowers. We have daises, poppies, and roses. Flower fans will rejoice at the abundance of colorful flowers in our amazing game artwork. These colorful flowers will improve your mood instantly.

We like flowers. Everyone likes flowers. Some our favorite flowers including wild flowers that bell flowers. Many people prefer flowers that grow in the garden such as roses. Field of red poppies is one of the most amazing sights on nature. Some people prefer the innocence and purity of white lilies while others like blue flowers.

Each of us certainly has his or her own preference. This floral theme game will satisfy every flora lovers out there with our stunning and colorful artwork. We also create fantastic background music to make your gaming experience more enjoyable

Download our Match 3 game and start your journey completing level after level of our addictive match three games! Slide to create three in a row of the same items to clear the board and earn scores. Enjoy stunning pictures and graphics while you play. This is definitely not an ordinary free match 3 apps for kids. This is a carefully handcrafted match three games and high quality background music for the experienced matcher!

We create awesome challenges for our match 3 games that will keep you on your toes for hours as you think of the best strategy to win. There are 100 levels where you have to create matches while thinking about how to fulfill the targets of each level to move on to the next match 3 level. Match 4 or 5 items in a row to create bonus items that will help you through the level faster and earn more points. You can also unlock Boosts if you are stuck.



Match 3: Flower Power|玩解謎App免費|玩APPs


# Stunning handcrafted game graphics and backgrounds unlike other free match 3 apps.

# The best game soundtrack with Dolby quality sound that will immerse you in our game deeply.

Match 3: Flower Power|玩解謎App免費|玩APPs

# Highly addictive matching three in a row gameplay that everyone loves.

# Hundreds of hours of fun with 100 levels to beat.

Match 3: Flower Power|玩解謎App免費|玩APPs

# Challenging Targets to fulfill on every level.

# Get Bonus for every match 4 or 5 move.

Match 3: Flower Power|玩解謎App免費|玩APPs

# Try to beat every level to get more stars for better rewards.

# Unlock Boosts and use them to help you beat the level.

Match 3: Flower Power|玩解謎App免費|玩APPs

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