MateTube HD Downloader|玩不用錢生產應用App

MateTube HD Downloader|玩生產應用App免費|玩APPs

* MateTube, the most powerful Youtube client that supports video play in HD resolution and download videos to your phone.

* Functions:

- Play online streaming videos in default or HD resolution.

MateTube HD Downloader|玩生產應用App免費|玩APPs

- Download videos in HD, support background download so that the downloads will continue after you leave the app.

- Download music track from Youtube, play music under screen lock.

- Share downloaded files over bluetooth or high speed wifi. *Please note that due to the bluetooth speed limitation in hardware, bluetooth sharing with large file might take long time to finish, so you can use wifi sharing function instead.

MateTube HD Downloader|玩生產應用App免費|玩APPs

* We will keep this app always FREE, so please click ads to help us continue to develop it better!

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