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Designed for people of all ages, Math Flash Cards Division is an app that allows the user to practice simple basic division facts or extend the users ability to work out complex division problems up to three digit numbers. Users can control the number of digits used to generate the problems. From one digit to three digits can be seclected by the user. Users also can control the number of questions given during one session. If a wrong answer is given by the user, the correct answer is shown before the next problem is given. Sound feedback is provided to the user for correct and incorrect answers. If you are looking for a program to help improve your division skills, this just might be the app for you! ***Features*** - Over 1,000,000 math problems to solve! - Customizable timer (can be turned on or off) - The max number can be set as low as 1 or as high as 999 - You can set a minimum number(0 - 999, it has to be lower than your maximum number) - Supports negative numbers(Turned off by default) - Negative numbers can be generated randomly or you can control which numbers are negative! - Users can set one of the numbers to a specific number - Provides sound affects (can be turned on or off) - Users can decide how many questions to complete - Support the new iPad's Retina Display - And it is free! ***Free Math Apps***-Math Flash Cards +-Math Flash Cards --Math Flash Cards x-Math Flash Cards ÷If you have any comments, suggestions, or constructive criticism please feel free to email me ( or go to my website ( and click on the tab that says "Contact Us". Thanks for your time!

Math Flash Cards ÷|玩教育App免費|玩APPs

Math Flash Cards ÷|玩教育App免費|玩APPs

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