Mermaid Friend|玩不用錢模擬App

Mermaid Friend|玩模擬App免費|玩APPs

Mermaid princess of lonely

She went on a journey to look for a friend !

Really I wonder if she can kind of friend ?

[ How to Play ]

Mermaid Friend|玩模擬App免費|玩APPs

1 : trying to find a friend by tapping the screen!

2 : up a friendship force to release a new friend !

3 : further up the friendship force it to level up a friend !

[ Such recommendations for people ]

Love - cute characters

Mermaid Friend|玩模擬App免費|玩APPs

People who like sea creatures

- Mermaid princess likes people

- Made to kill time like free training games

· Numbers like to see how that goes up a moment

Mermaid Friend|玩模擬App免費|玩APPs

· Facebook, people who want to share on Twitter

Music use


Mermaid Friend|玩模擬App免費|玩APPs

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