Mermaid Waters|玩不用錢教育App

Mermaid Waters|玩教育App免費|玩APPs

★ Featured by Apple in "What's Hot" for Education and Kids

★ Peak: #1 in iPhone Education

***Mermaid Waters is free to download and try and requires an in-app purchase to unlock the full game (you can play half the game for free and reset the game if you do not wish to upgrade). But we hope you and your child enjoy it and support us by purchasing the full game!***

What Parents say:

"Great, fun and useful alternative to the Angry Birds or Fruit Ninja apps that my 4yr old son plays at home!" - Alice, a mom

"My 4 year old loves your app, and so do I!! It is her reward at the end of the day to play Mermaid Water for a little while before going to bed." - Anna, a mom

"My daughter is 4 years old and immediately starts telling my wife and I what is "1+4" and even "2+3"! She loves the program and I'm excited that you were able to balance game play with learning objectives" - Todd, a dad

Mermaid Waters|玩教育App免費|玩APPs

For Kids!

★ Play an underwater adventure with GAMES, MYSTERY and MATH!

★ Join Hana & Cory as they tackle the mysteries of the deep and play magic math games to rescue cute sea creatures!

For Parents!

★ 10 mini-games based on early math concepts: number recognition, counting, sizes, addition, shapes, sequence, positions, memory of pairs.

★ Content optimized for children of 4 & 5 years old. Suitable for 2-6 years.

★ Co-designed with educators, parents and San Francisco's Children Creativity Museum.

★ Try our progress reports (under testing) to monitor your child's learning in the game. No SPAM ever. No sharing of user data with 3rd parties.

Mermaid Waters|玩教育App免費|玩APPs


* 10 mini-games teaching math

* More challenging game levels for advanced learners

* 10 story clips that are professionally narrated

* 30+ story characters to be discovered in the adventure!

* Interactive stickers to entertain your child (hot tip: watch out for the "Hungry Fish"!)

* Progress reporting for parents (in beta testing)


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Mermaid Waters|玩教育App免費|玩APPs

Recommended Ages: 3-6 Categories: Math, Counting, Addition, Numbers, Games, Early Learning

Mermaid Waters|玩教育App免費|玩APPs

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