Mind Matcher|玩不用錢紙牌App

Mind Matcher|玩紙牌App免費|玩APPs

Looking for a quick teaser to your brain? Mind Matcher is for you! It is a specially designed app to stimulate your brain in ways which sharpens its cognitive abilities and help you improve your memory in a fun and easy way!

How will it work?

A classic puzzle matching game with all the cards faced down. Just tap on one of the cards and remember the picture shown, try to find its pair by tapping other cards until you find the right match. While you have fun with it, the timer will track your progress and let you know once you are matched all the pairs.

Download if you want to:

•Maximize your short term memory

•Improve your concentration

Mind Matcher|玩紙牌App免費|玩APPs

•Sharpen your cognitive abilities

•Stop forgetting little details

•Add a quick brain exercise in your daily routine

•Want access to an absolutely FREE brain game

Who is it for?

Just about everyone!

A perfect app for kids and grownups alike! You can choose from 4 levels of difficulty and challenge yourself at each level! With its simple, quick and enjoyable features it will let you master your mind effortlessly!

Mind Matcher|玩紙牌App免費|玩APPs

Have FUN mind matching!

Mind Matcher|玩紙牌App免費|玩APPs

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