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For the busy business person that wants to be productive and effective while getting business done on the go.

Ever had a great idea or a to-do that you have to complete and before you can find a notepad and pen to write it down, you lost it? Tired of looking through multiple emails and printed itineraries to maintain your travel schedule?

Tracking mileage and expenses for business reimbursement but you can’t seem to find your receipts or where you documented your starting and beginning mileage?

Mobile Mogul solves these problems for you in an all-in-one app! Your productivity while on the go will go through the roof.

Mobile Mogul|玩生產應用App免費|玩APPs

Start a notebook where you can maintain separate notes on anything from business ideas, notes from conversations, diary entries, shopping lists and more. Have confidential information you need to store? Mobile Mogul allows

you to password protect it.

Turn your phone into a receipt scanner by taking a picture of the receipt and storing the expense. Driving to meet a client? Simply enter your starting mileage and ending mileage. Mobile Mogul will calculate the distance and even

the amount you should be reimbursed based on the standard reimbursement rate. Pick which expenses should be added to an expense report and download and send off from approval.

No longer will you need to search for the multiple confirmation numbers from rental car or hotel reservations. Input all of your travel information including flight times and arrivals and have instant, quick access.

Mobile Mogul|玩生產應用App免費|玩APPs

Have all the information you need while on the go, from the palm of your hand.

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