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Monster Truck Sport|玩賽車遊戲App免費|玩APPs

Monster Truck Sport is a simple 2d physics game that combines aspects of puzzle games, building games, strategy games, and racing games into a truly one of a kind experience. You must drag and drop items to make ramps and bridges for your monster truck to race over. Then you must control the speed and angle of the truck in order to navigate the obstacles in a smooth and efficient manner. The monster truck itself if a Hummer H2 style body with custom big rig exhaust stacks and an enormous big block engine with a fully exposed blower extending up through the hood. When you hit the gas, fire shoots out of the exhaust stacks! We even included some Easter egg colored obstacles to be consistent with the season. This game is for all extreme sport enthusiasts, including fans of dirt bikes, motorcycles, jeeps, trucks, 4 wheelers, motocross, bmx, mountain bikes, snowmobiles, snow machines, monster trucks, pickup trucks, or any other motor machine, racing terrain, car game, racing game.

How to play:

Monster Truck Sport|玩賽車遊戲App免費|玩APPs

Touch to right screen to move foward and increase speed

Touch to left screen to move back and decrease speed

Monster Truck Sport|玩賽車遊戲App免費|玩APPs

tag: car game, racing game, sport game

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