The Mosaic application program is an application program that processes the mosaic to the photograph and the image taken with the camera. The image after the mosaic is processed is good at preservation or Mail Sending. - Manner of operation1.Please do the icon in the photograph under the screen in the tap. 2.Please select the photo album or the camera. 3.Please select the image from the photo album, and take the photograph if it is a camera. 4.If it likes it, the button in the lower right of the screen is done in the tap, and please the image after the mosaic is processed must be displayed, and do in the tap and preserve the Save button further. (Mail Sending is also possible. )- IPod touch can choose only the photo album. Please set the maximum image size to 640x960 by the favorite. (initial value: 320x480)The setting is maintained if it sets it once though the application program is ended.



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