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There are three parts in this game:

1.Make Mr Laugh Crazy

You can speak to Mr Laugh,and he will repeat what you say in a funny voice.

You speak loudly,he laughs loudly.

Mr Laugh|玩家庭片App免費|玩APPs

When you make him crazy,he will give something that will help you in other two parts.

2.Rock Paper Scissors

When you make him smile three times,laugh four times,and crazy five times,you unlock this part.

Mr Laugh|玩家庭片App免費|玩APPs

Draw "L" on the screen to this part and back.

If you win,you can throw a tomato to him.

Of course he can do the same thing to you.

Something will happen in this part...

Mr Laugh|玩家庭片App免費|玩APPs

3.Eating Match

When you make him smile six times,laugh eight times,and crazy ten times,you unlock this part.

Draw "O" clockwise on the screen to this part and back.

Mr Laugh|玩家庭片App免費|玩APPs

Draw "O" clockwise on ham to eat.

You and Mr Laugh compete who eat fast,somtimes,he will make bad.

He uses salt to let you slow down,uses water to let himself speed up.

Oops...Take it easy,you have the same weapons,hah...

Mr Laugh|玩家庭片App免費|玩APPs


3 smile+ 4 laugh+ 5 crazy=Rock Paper Scissors

6 smile+ 8 laugh+ 10 crazy=Eating Match

Mr Laugh|玩家庭片App免費|玩APPs

More Fun Let You Find.

Mr Laugh|玩家庭片App免費|玩APPs

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