NAVITIME Transit - 美國舊金山|玩不用錢交通運輸App

NAVITIME Transit - 美國舊金山|玩交通運輸App免費|玩APPs

This is for you if you have been thinking there must be a much better route than your usual one!

NAVITIME Transit - 美國舊金山|玩交通運輸App免費|玩APPs

What a no-brainer, and it's FREE! It is helpful for your travel to use the offline map.

This app will provide you easy journey planning with zoomable interactive maps of BART and San Francisco Municipal Railway.

# How to plan a journey

NAVITIME Transit - 美國舊金山|玩交通運輸App免費|玩APPs

It’s simple. If you know which stations you are going to use, tap the stations to set your origin and destination in the zoomable interactive maps. Additionally, GPS can suggest the station that is currently nearest to you (Internet connection required).

****** Features ******

# Offline map and route search result

NAVITIME Transit - 美國舊金山|玩交通運輸App免費|玩APPs

Offline map is available to use all the time. You can find which train, subway, metro, bus, flight and ferry let you take to where you go. Route search result is automatically saved your phone, it is also available offline.

# Support multiple language (English/Spanish/French/Germany/Italian/Traditional Chinese/Simplified Chinese/Korean/Thai/Malay/Japanese) Name of stations and train will be English.

# Set your home station for easier journey planning.

# Search the nearest station.

# Send route results to you, friends and colleagues via SMS or e-mail

NAVITIME Transit - 美國舊金山|玩交通運輸App免費|玩APPs

We are always happy to respond to your feedback. Should you have any problems, please let us know through our app by pressing the “Feedback” tab.

****** Important ******

About the Timetable: The actual departure / arrival times might differ from the displayed result, as they are not the based on the official timetable.

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