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New Mom - Post Pregnancy|玩醫療App免費|玩APPs


Having a baby is much more than a physical experience. It is the beginning of a parenting role that will continue for a lifetime. A new little person has entered your life. Things will never be quite the same. The New Mom will help you understand all these.

New Mom - Post Pregnancy|玩醫療App免費|玩APPs

Remember, you are not only adjusting to a new 24-hour-a-day job as a parent and changing a relationship with your partner, but you are also recovering from giving birth. These anxious feelings usually subside over several weeks, especially with understanding and support from your partner and friends, and as you watch your baby grow and develop.

New Mom - Post Pregnancy|玩醫療App免費|玩APPs

As you settle into your role as a mother, remember to take care of yourself. You are a mother now but also a woman. Your ability to keep yourself healthy – body, mind and spirit -- is essential to the well-being of your growing family.

The New Mom help you understand every possible change or feeling you might face after giving birth to your wonderful child.

New Mom - Post Pregnancy|玩醫療App免費|玩APPs

Disclaimer - The app contains the data that has been collected from various source and cannot be replaced by consulting with your physician. We strongly believe that use of mobile application cannot replace consultation with your physician about the problem you are facing.

New Mom - Post Pregnancy|玩醫療App免費|玩APPs

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