NorthShore Physician Finder|玩不用錢健康App

NorthShore Physician Finder|玩健康App免費|玩APPs

Welcome to the official NorthShore University HealthSystem Windows Phone 7 application for finding physicians, locations and news about NorthShore.

Find the physicians at NorthShore that meet your needs.

NorthShore Physician Finder|玩健康App免費|玩APPs

Search physicians by name, location or specialty and instantly discover what procedures and conditions a physician treats. In addition, you can start a phone call from the app to schedule your next appointment or get directions to any of the NorthShore locations.

Discover close and convenient locations.

NorthShore Physician Finder|玩健康App免費|玩APPs

Use your phone's GPS to find directions to locations closest to your current location. Filter the locations by specialty, locations that are accepting walk-ins now and locations that are open Sunday. View doctors and open hours for every NorthShore location!

Read about NorthShore in the news.

NorthShore Physician Finder|玩健康App免費|玩APPs

Read the latest articles about NorthShore in the news.

Keep up to date on NorthShore’s involvement in the community and their commitment to establishing the best health care system in the Midwest.

NorthShore Physician Finder|玩健康App免費|玩APPs

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