Nyaton -Mouse Paradise-|玩不用錢模擬App

Nyaton -Mouse Paradise-|玩模擬App免費|玩APPs

Ton meow has been installed on a single PC.

Meow and I find immediately one animal started to look for rats, but rats would escape into the Suva jet black folder.

Really meow and I is whether it is possible to catch a mouse! ?

[How to Play]

1: Production of free memory by tapping the Charge button

2: up the production speed of the free memory by releasing a new companion!

3: further production speed up to be up the level of each fellow!

Nyaton -Mouse Paradise-|玩模擬App免費|玩APPs

4: virus who attacked come because it would reduce the amount of free memory, trying to fight off!

5: If you have a weapon (shiny CD), to fight off automatically the virus who have attack when you do not launch the app! We'll help you find meow Ton our mouse by tapping a lot!

Screen switches as free memory increases, it is seen how the meow flying we are struggling!

[Recommended for Travellers]

- I love cats

Nyaton -Mouse Paradise-|玩模擬App免費|玩APPs

- Animal love

Cute system love

- Made to kill time like free training games

· Numbers like to see how the going up a moment

· Facebook free memory image in mass production, people who want to share on Twitter

Nyaton -Mouse Paradise-|玩模擬App免費|玩APPs

· Increase the fellow free, free time also want to crush people

Nyaton -Mouse Paradise-|玩模擬App免費|玩APPs

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