PS3 Theme ADW|玩不用錢個人化App

PS3 Theme ADW|玩個人化App免費|玩APPs


This theme will make your phone look exactly like your PS3 home screen!!! **ADW launcher or ADW EX is needed.** (ADW can be downloaded for free on the market)

This theme features:

-High-Res PS3 Icons including loads of icons designed espesially for this theme

-PS3 wallpaper (download wave live wallpaper lite for full effect)

-Custom PS3 dock!!

-PS3 style google searchbar widget

-and many other hidden features

+many updates to come including more wallpapers

I am always willing to help with installing. just shoot me an e-mail and i should reply within minutes.

Quick install instructions:

1. Download ADW Launcher (there is a free version)

2. Go to ADW settings and click Themes Preferences

3. Click select your theme

PS3 Theme ADW|玩個人化App免費|玩APPs

4. Click PS3 Theme

5. hit the Apply theme button AND THATS IT!!

*also under UI Settings in the adw menu, go to main dock then dock background, and under custom there is the PS3 dock. Thanks for downloading, and as promised, more themes and updates on the way!!!!


1. from home screen hit menu button

2. click more then ADWSettings

3. in UI Settings click Icons

4. click New Icons Settings

5. Set Icons size (73 in screenshot)

6. Go back to UI settings

7. Click Screen Preferences

8. at the bottom under Advanced settings check th box that says Hide icon labels

9. Tweak the settings as u like.

10. Prior ADW knowledge is very helpful

PS3 Theme ADW|玩個人化App免費|玩APPs

11. Email me with any questions.

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