ParallaxHeaderViewPager Sample|玩不用錢程式庫與試用程式App

ParallaxHeaderViewPager Sample|玩程式庫與試用程式App免費|玩APPs

This Sample Application is pager UI for Android.

(such as pager UI in Play NewsStand Application)

I made this based on very good libraries such as below.

NotBoringActionBar (


PagerSlidingTabStrip (


How to implement? see below.

ParallaxHeaderViewPager Sample|玩程式庫與試用程式App免費|玩APPs

1. Change ListView in NotBoringActionBar to ViewPager.

2. Make ListView or ScrollView of Fragment in ViewPager.

3. Make Interface that Activity can get a Listener when you use OnScroll() in ListView or ScrollView.

4. Make Interface which is available to scroll when some events is happened in ListView or ScrollView.

From now on, you can fix scrollY value in ListView wherever the pages are swiped through the interface you've just made.


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