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Command your football teams offense in this fast-paced arcade style football game. Use your fingers to direct the paths of your players. Pass the football using multi-touch. Score as many touchdowns as you can before you are overwhelmed by the aggressive defense.

Phil's Football + is now available in the market which includes a two player and turbo mode. It also has a growing list of new features, including the ability to stiff arm the defense. Check it out if you are interested in playing a game of football with another person.

This game is all offense right now. Defense will probably be coming soon. We appreciate any and all feedback. Requests are considered and implemented on a daily basis.

To play: You are the offensive O's. Draw paths for your players using your finger. Your goal is to reach the touchdown and score as many touchdowns as possible.

The game will get faster and more challenging with each touchdown scored. To pass the ball, your current ball carrier (quarterback) must be behind the current yardline. Put one finger on your quarterback and tap the player to pass it it to with another finger (while still holding the first finger down). Avoid any defensive X's as they will block the ball in flight. Or you can just run the ball forward.

To pause, just double tap anywhere on the field that is not a player.

Phil's Football|玩街機App免費|玩APPs


Thanks for the continued feedback and feature requests.

Added a mute/unmute button. Just hit the menu button on your phone.

Defenseman will now glow red when they are getting close to your quarterback.

Added a new dual throw mode. The quarterback can now choose to either throw a bullet, or lob the ball. When the ball is lobbed it is much harder for the defense to block it.

We fixed some issues and bugs with gameplay.

Added the ability to pause gameplay. Just double tap anywhere on the field that is not a player (offense or defense). Tap anywhere again to unpause.

Added 'smarter' defensive players, that will be more common on the field the more you score. These smarter players will avoid tackles more effectively and make it harder for you to score more touchdowns.

Made the safety style defensive players a little smarter.

Handle the android back button more intelligently.

Increase the touch radius of players to make it easier to pass and direct their running plays.

Phil's Football|玩街機App免費|玩APPs

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