Ping Pong Picnic|玩不用錢街機App

Ping Pong Picnic|玩街機App免費|玩APPs

Go ahead, pick up the Ping Pong ball and give it a shot

It’s a great day for a Picnic and fun time at the Park.

All you need for fun at the picnic is a Cup and a Ping Pong ball.

Just bounce the Ping Pong Ball into the Cup.

Go ahead, pick up the Ping Pong ball and give it a shot.


Fun filled and exciting picnic game.

Use timing and skill to bounce the Ping pong ball on the Picnic table and land in the cup.

Ping Pong Picnic|玩街機App免費|玩APPs

Choose different levels of difficulty and challenge.

New Social Features:

Create your Game Profile and add a cool Avatar.

Add Friends and send them Challenges.

Make a High Score and post it on Global Leader board.

Play more and score more to achieve bragging rights.


Touch and Hold the screen till the Ping Pong ball appears.

Ping Pong Picnic|玩街機App免費|玩APPs

Move left-right to adjust position and up-down to adjust bounce.

Leave touch to release ball.

Ping Pong Picnic|玩街機App免費|玩APPs

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Ping Pong Picnic玩免錢App

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