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Pokemanager Advance|玩娛樂App免費|玩APPs

Ever wanted to trade Pokemon between the Gameboy Advance Pokemon games directly on your android device? With Pokemanager Advance you can do just that! Pokemanager Advance is a savegame editor for the third generation of Pokemon games. It lets you edit various aspects of your pokemon like species or attacks.

Pokemanager advance has the following features:

- Editing of the Pokemon in your team.

- Editing of the Pokemon that are stored in boxes.

Pokemanager Advance|玩娛樂App免費|玩APPs

- Editing of the players name.

- Changing the amount of money you have in the game.

- Reset the time you played...

Pokemanager Advance|玩娛樂App免費|玩APPs

- and more...

This app is compatible with the sav files of the following games:

- Pokémon Ruby

- Pokémon Saphire

Pokemanager Advance|玩娛樂App免費|玩APPs

- Pokémon Emerald

- Pokémon Fire red

- Pokémon Leaf green

Pokemanager Advance|玩娛樂App免費|玩APPs

For copyright reasons there are no images of the Pokemon in the app.

You can add your own images by creating a folder named "pokemanager" on the root of

your device and store the images in this folder.

The images have to be named by the pokedexnumber of the Pokemon.

Pokemanager Advance|玩娛樂App免費|玩APPs

For example: "1.png" for bulbasaur or "151.png" for Mew.

Pokemanager Advance is an unofficial utility App to be used for informational and entertainment purposes only.

Pokemanager Advance is in no way affiliated with Nintendo.

Pokemanager Advance|玩娛樂App免費|玩APPs

Pokémon and Gameboy are registered trademarks of Nintendo.

Pokemanager Advance|玩娛樂App免費|玩APPs

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