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Port Caller|玩天氣App免費|玩APPs

PortCaller offers detailed forecasts for 400 ports worldwide. Toggle between detailed 48H, 5-day and 7-day forecasts with a swipe, and view forecast weather conditions, visibility, winds at 10M and 50M, and sea / swell conditions.  Forecast indicates confidence level for your planning and risk management support.

PortCaller allows you to:

   •    Set up groups of ports through the ‘My Ports’ function, or browse ports using ‘World View.’  You can also browse ports listed by area.

Port Caller|玩天氣App免費|玩APPs

   •    Set thresholds to easily monitor port conditions and see areas and times where operations may be effected by the weather

   •    Check Sunrise and Sunset times

Port Caller|玩天氣App免費|玩APPs

   •    Toggle between Local Time and UTC for easy reference

   •    View tropical cyclone forecasts world-wide for impacts on your maritime business

Port Caller|玩天氣App免費|玩APPs

   •    View weather data by grid or by graph

   •    Easily share information by screenshot using the Share button

All this, based on the Weathernews forecast model, using proprietary infrastructure, supporter information, and observation data from official sources all over the world.

Port Caller|玩天氣App免費|玩APPs

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