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IMPORTANT! PottedGarden only find in vegetables, fruits and vegetables which can really prosper in an Urban Garden. We could include hundreds of references but do not want to be a waste of time for users!

Having a vegetable garden at home is becoming a vital necessity for many people. Harvesting our own vegetables, watching them grow, taking care of them and bringing them to the table is an unique experience that brings us closer to nature and gives us the opportunity to rediscover the authentic flavors of fruits and vegetables..  More importantly it gives us the opportunity to taste once again fruit and vegetables’ authentic flavours.  PottedGarden is an application that will take you step by step through this process, making available any necessary information that you need in this exciting and passionate hobby.

What will you find in the application?

-Vegetable types

- Botany of each vegetable


-Produce types

Examples of use, both culinary and medicinal.

- Vegetable search

- Dates for potting sheds, no-till planting, transplant and harvest.

- Examples of grouping vegetable in cultivation tables.

-Help icons

-All the information you need on substrate types and fertilizers.

- How to use them

- Acid levels

- Quantity needed for each type of plant or vegetable.

- The ideal mix for your vegetables.

- How to make your own compost.


- Tables and help guides

- Photos

- Organic fight against pests.

- Pest search

- Cures against aphid, White-fly, fungus etc..

- Tips on organic cultivation and keeping your patch healthy.

- Tips on irrigation

- Drip irrigation

- Irrigation systems specific to urban vegetable patches.

- Irrigation tables

- Take photos of your patch and vegetables.

- Send them to Facebook or Flirck. Requires internet connection.

- Email them. Requires internet connection

- We will soon have our own server, so that you can share your photos.

- The application My Potted allows you to track and write notes on the progress of your vegetable garden.

- Add predefined tasks or create new ones

Receive a message and alert regarding new tasks.

- Take photos of your patch and share them on your favourite social network along with a note in your photo folder. Requires internet connection.

- Links to seed nurseries.

- Videos related to urban vegetable patches.

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