Pow! Comics Reader|玩不用錢漫畫App

Pow! Comics Reader|玩漫畫App免費|玩APPs

Simple and modern Holo-styled CBZ/ZIP and *some* CBR/RAR format comics reader with internet sync.

Supports tablets and smartphones, smart double tap zoom, syncing last read pages between devices, sharing comic pages, immersive mode, etc.

Project page:


Pow! Comics Reader|玩漫畫App免費|玩APPs

Q: Why is RAR support so bad? Why do I get crashes when using RAR?

A: RAR is an undocumented proprietary format with terrible Android library support. See the project page for additional information on the subject.

Q: Why the internet permission?

A: Sync function requires it.

Pow! Comics Reader|玩漫畫App免費|玩APPs

Q: Why access accounts permission?

A: Sync uses securely hashed name of the first Google account stored on your phone to identify you.

No personally identifiable information is sent when syncing.

Source available at Github:

Pow! Comics Reader|玩漫畫App免費|玩APPs


licensed under GPL.

Pow! Comics Reader|玩漫畫App免費|玩APPs

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