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Scan your Android device for free!

Protect against viruses, malicious apps or spyware with advanced mobile security and privacy protection from Snoopwall, the world's first counterveillance software.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR FELLOW GEEKS: This version is the SnoopWall Application Layer Technology (EXPERIMENTAL). It does the best possible job auditing and protecting, that any application can do, given the phone is not ROOTed. There will always be some issues at this level of operation. The best version is SnoopWall Device Layer Technology in which we run at the OS or ROOT level.

The complete SnoopWall Engine is designed for OEMs and runs at the SYSTEM (root) layer and is not yet available. A fully functional Hardware/Software Reference Design (yes, better than a 'blackphone') is coming to market by December, 2014 - a novel patent-pending StealthPhone(TM).

Basic Features

(free to all users)

Privacy Shield|玩工具App免費|玩APPs

►Android Device Scan

• Audit apps for high-risk behavior such as spying or data leakage.

►Real-time Privacy Meter

• Visually check your mobile security

►Instant Mobile Security Alerts

• Get alerts when apps attempt to access Bluetooth, NFC, GPS, WiFi etc…

Privacy Shield|玩工具App免費|玩APPs

► Stealth mode

• SnoopWall passively monitors your device and warns of apps that violate your settings.

►Limited Support

• Customer support via email


FREE 30-day trial of app blocking technology


Privacy Shield|玩工具App免費|玩APPs

Premium Subscription Features

(from $0.83* per month)

►Automatic App Blocking

• Protection against viruses or malware taking control of your device, stop apps sharing your private data

►Customized App & Port Permissions

• Manage app access to GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi, Mobile data, Microphone, Camera or NFC

Privacy Shield|玩工具App免費|玩APPs

• Toggle device permissions or ports on/off

• Easy to use

►Preset Device Activity Modes

• Family mode: kid-safe browsing and fewer distractions while driving

• Banking mode: ensure your private data stays within banking and personal apps

• Internet mode: stay private online, keep your email and browsing activites safe from spying apps

• Apps mode: secure your apps from outside access and secure hardware ports

Privacy Shield|玩工具App免費|玩APPs

►Privacy Portal

• Exclusive access to Snoopwall’s web-based portal with the following features:

➠Find My Device: locate a lost phone or tablet

➠Remote Lock: lost your device? Lock it remotely and keep your private data secure

➠Child Protection: locate your child, send messages such as “Are you OK?”

►Lifetime App Updates

Privacy Shield|玩工具App免費|玩APPs

• No additional charges, just a monthly or yearly subscription fee

• Consistent updates with new features

► Logs

• SnoopWall keeps a record of violating apps for the past week of use.

•Identify apps that violate your privacy while blocking them.

►Unlimited Support

• Via phone and email (Monday - Friday 9am – 6pm EST, US-only)

Privacy Shield|玩工具App免費|玩APPs

Snoopwall can work alongside your existing antivirus, firewall or other mobile security software.

To use Snoopwall optimally, please watch this video first:

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Privacy Shield|玩工具App免費|玩APPs

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★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ IMPORTANT INSTALLATION INFORMATION ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★

In order for SnoopWall to secure your device SnoopWall needs to be a device administrator. In order to uninstall SnoopWall these permissions must be revoked first. For your convenience we have included a button in the side panel that will remove these extra permissions if you so desire. Please email support anytime you have a question or concern.


*Requires $9.95 yearly subscription plan

Privacy Shield|玩工具App免費|玩APPs

SnoopWall® is a registered trademark of SnoopWall LLC. Google® is a trademark of Google, Inc., registered in the USA and in other countries. Google Maps™ and Android™ are trademarks of Google Inc.

Privacy Shield|玩工具App免費|玩APPs

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