Quit Smoking Course|玩不用錢生活App

Quit Smoking Course|玩生活App免費|玩APPs

Do you want to quit smoking?

This app can show you a painless, revolutionery, way to easily quit smoking that makes you feel fantastic even during the nicotine withdrawal period!

• No cutting back using willpower

• You won't believe how easy it is to quit

Quit Smoking Course|玩生活App免費|玩APPs

• Enjoy socialising even more

• Save a fortune

Quit Smoking Course|玩生活App免費|玩APPs

• Regain your health

• No painful sacrifice using willpower

Quit Smoking Course|玩生活App免費|玩APPs

All you actually need to do is to read this proven Quit Smoking course and follow this informative, 26 chapter, de-brainwashing and reverse psychology approach to quitting smoking.

The first 3 chapters are FREE. If you want to continue reading the course you will need to unlock them by purchasing a one off payment for less than half a packet of cigarettes. You'll save money in the long run!

Quit Smoking Course|玩生活App免費|玩APPs

• There is no hocus pocus

• No mind over matter

Quit Smoking Course|玩生活App免費|玩APPs

• No charts

• No histograms

Quit Smoking Course|玩生活App免費|玩APPs

• No graphs

• No daily logs to wade through

Quit Smoking Course|玩生活App免費|玩APPs

• No cigarette counting

The course creates a desire to quit completely and a total loss of interest in smoking occurs.

When using this course you can add your own "Urge Reminders" to fall back on (inside the app) when you get tempted.

• It's fully interactive

• Read other quitter's success stories

Quit Smoking Course|玩生活App免費|玩APPs

• Add your own life saving experiences

• Give others Encouragement and support

Quit Smoking Course|玩生活App免費|玩APPs

Does my story sound familier to you?

Quit Smoking Course|玩生活App免費|玩APPs

Addicted 21 years ago after I lit my first cigarette and pretended to love it just like everyone else just so I would be accepted by my gang-of-friends

Quit Smoking Course|玩生活App免費|玩APPs

• I smoked during college life and continued to smoke into my working life as well. When my health began to suffer I realised I really needed to quit....but I repeatedly failed.

Quit Smoking Course|玩生活App免費|玩APPs

• With the anti smoking laws I realised I was becoming anti social as well as unhealthy, so I really needed to quit, but I was really addicted.

• Giving up was not as easy as I had imagined, I just failed and failed.

• I tried many quit smoking remedies, supplements, sprays and patches, even WILLPOWER, to no avail.

Quit Smoking Course|玩生活App免費|玩APPs

I was so determined to quit I read up on reverse-psychology, smoker's social brain-washing, mind conditioning and the cynical government attitudes towards smokers in-which they harvest so much in taxes and duty.

I slowly disected each element of the smoking habit and carefully reverse engineered each of them so I could fully understand the smoker's psychology...and I put it all together in an easy to understand guide on how to finally beat the smoking habit!

My new approach worked for me and I gave up very easily, saved a fortune and regained my health and fitness back.

I then started to show other people my course (mainly friends & family) and I was amazed how effective my methods were on all I helped. My method "kills" the actual desire to smoke.

Readers of my course rapidly lose all interest in cigarettes and smoking by the time they have completed my course, so much so that 89% of people that read my course quit smoking for good.

"The Quit Smoking App" was born. I now offer you the last chance to quit smoking forever.

Do not forget to add your success story to the app review section once you have successfully quit smoking.


Typical results

Quit Smoking Course|玩生活App免費|玩APPs

To achieve the typical results of trials and recorded users it is essential that the contents of the course are thororoughly digested and adhered to. Whilst we affirm that will power is not required to achieve the predicted results a measure of self-determination and resolve is required. If a course reader just rapidly skims the course contents and does not think about what they read then the predicted result will not be forthcoming. A certain measure of consideration and deliberation on what has been read and advised must be adopted for successful results. As in all forms of self study results will vary from user to user, and a successful outcome of quitting smoking will not occur in all cases.

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