Race In Space|玩不用錢動作App

Race In Space|玩動作App免費|玩APPs

Welcome to Race In Space.

Each year the best spaceships are invited for this Intergalactic Race.

Your spaceship is supposed to be a fast one.

Race In Space|玩動作App免費|玩APPs

And if you are here that means you are a good pilot.

This race is organised in 9 routes, each must be finished in a defined time.

Race In Space|玩動作App免費|玩APPs

Some people made a bet on you : you will not finish this race.

Hope they are wrong...

You will experience mind bending speed effects as you race up to the limits.

Race In Space|玩動作App免費|玩APPs

You will also find yourself dodging bullets or blows,even bombs.

You will face with muscule spaceships, speed spaceships,armored spaceships, heavy spaceships.

The race take place inner city, in some galactic paths between asteroids, or on some mysterious planets.

Your best times are saved if you pass the line before time limit.

Race In Space|玩動作App免費|玩APPs



Race In Space|玩動作App免費|玩APPs

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