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Professional grade event timing. Integrated camera and video. Organizes your photos, videos, notes and weather by event. Full OneDrive upload interface. Has many unique features, such as, when watching a video you took, tap the screen and get a photo of what is on the screen! Ability to use your camera button like a stopwatch button for the timers (function easily turned on or off). Ability in camera to take delay sequences of any number of shots separated by up to a full day with auto upload to OneDrive (use as house monitor, etc.)


Racing Timers|玩運動App免費|玩APPs

Changelog: - Further UI changes - many bugs

Racing Timers|玩運動App免費|玩APPs - New "stats" display on screen 1 - - New UI on screen 1 - other screens to follow

Racing Timers|玩運動App免費|玩APPs - Video uploaded to OneDrive if available from "Upload to OneDrive" button on "Event album" screen. - Fixed OneDrive photo upload problem.

Racing Timers|玩運動App免費|玩APPs - Screen now fades in on launch.

Racing Timers|玩運動App免費|玩APPs

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