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Radio Uzbek|玩新聞App免費|玩APPs


UK Radio has collected the most popular UK radio stations and let you enjoy your favorite radio wherever you go.

Main features:

- Background playback allows you activating other application while listening

- Most popular radio stations

- Station search

Radio Uzbek|玩新聞App免費|玩APPs

- Sleep timer

- Favorite and recently played folders

Disclaimer :

Trademarks and logos belong to respective owners.

Radio Uzbek|玩新聞App免費|玩APPs

All station streaming URLs in this application are obtained from public domain (internet). This application only present these content in a user friendly way. Some stations are not a 100% reliable and/or have a max. limit of listeners.

Radio Uzbek|玩新聞App免費|玩APPs

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