RealTimeSpy works only with the following trail making apps. . .

- PhoneStalker

- myTripTracker

- ShowMeTheWay

The trail making apps leave a trail of everywhere the person carrying the phone has been and where they are at the current time.

For instance you can run PhoneStalker (either foreground or background) on a Windows Phone, put that phone is someones car, and track them real time from your PC using our web viewer at:

RealTimeSpy is a Windows Phone 7 version of our web viewer that runs on your Windows Phone 7 but with two advantages over the web viewer. . .


1. RealTimeSpy allows you to follow your target physically

2. RealTimeSpy has proximity settings and alarms that go off you when you are close

If this sounds interesting to you then you should read the PDF at. . .

If you don't read the PDF then you won't understand how the programs work together

(like those two early reviewers below)

There is no trial because you can try out the tracking using the web viewer.


Runs on 256 meg phones with no loss of function.

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