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Some ornamental trees display red foliage only in autumn,Nature while others boast scarlet leaves all year long. In either case, many red leaf ornamental trees can thrive in a warm, coastal climate. These include California natives and trees that come from as far away as Japan. Maples are an enormous family of trees, including members of all shapes and sizes from an equally wide range of climates. One variety with red leaves is red snakebark maple (Acer capillipes), which is native to Japan, like many of the red maple trees. sometime this tree can form a Road as if it was a dream land.

Red maple's Trees fast growth and its Beautiful Foliage makes it popular as a shade tree in new housing developments. It is easy to transplant, so the success rate for new plantings is high. Because its culture is so flexible, it can be planted on dry slopes or high spots in the yard. It can also be planted in damp soil. Autumn, Fall, Outside of the garden, red maple's abundance and strong, tight-grained wood makes it an affordable raw material for the construction and furniture industries.

Red maple quickly grows into a 40 to 60 foot specimen with upward-reaching branches in an oval canopy. Not very picky about soil structure or fertility, it tolerates both wet and dry soils. Adding to its appeal, red maple can be planted in sun or shade. In spring, it produces maple's well-known, seedpod keys samaras.




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Red Foliage Trees LWP|玩個人化App免費|玩APPs

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Red Foliage Trees LWP|玩個人化App免費|玩APPs

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