Remembering Cinderella|玩不用錢個人化App

Remembering Cinderella|玩個人化App免費|玩APPs

This theme is an homage to Cinderella of Walt Disney. Dedicated to all fans, kid and adults that will remember her History.

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Remembering Cinderella|玩個人化App免費|玩APPs


***this theme will work only if you have installed GO Launcher EX version 2.58 or above. (Install the last version of GO Launcher EX first).

After the installation of this theme don't open it please.

***Go back to menu, check preferences, themes, installed and apply.

Remembering Cinderella|玩個人化App免費|玩APPs

***Also you can set ->Visual setting->Wallpaper mode->ON (if you need the orizontal scrolling mode) or OFF (if you need the vertical mode without scolling).

Some devices can't change the icons automatically.

**Long tap on icon on the screen and change manually.

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Remembering Cinderella|玩個人化App免費|玩APPs

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Remembering Cinderella|玩個人化App免費|玩APPs

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Remembering Cinderella玩免錢App

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