SDA Hymnal with Tunes|玩不用錢生活App

SDA Hymnal with Tunes|玩生活App免費|玩APPs

This App contains the complete set of standard hymns for Seventh Day Adventist Church for your daily worship.

+ Complete Lyrics and Tunes in (English, French, Spanish)

+ Over 2600 hymns and Tunes.

+ Global Search: Allows you to search a song by title across multiple books.

SDA Hymnal with Tunes|玩生活App免費|玩APPs

+ Save to Favorites: Create you favorite list of hymns.

Recommended Update:

Fixed "add to favorite issue"

Minor Bug fixes and UI Improvement.

SDA Hymnal with Tunes|玩生活App免費|玩APPs

New Feature: Share song lyrics with your friends via email or Social Networks.

SDA Hymnal with Tunes|玩生活App免費|玩APPs

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