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SIX The Cricket Game is not just your average Cricketing Simulation Video Game. This is the Most Intense Sporting Reproduction you can Experience today.

We've pushed the Boundaries with the Most Authentic Rendering of the Hottest Cricket Teams of Two Thousand And Fifteen. Our Art Consortium has spent Hours recreating this years Cricket People to give you the Most Accurate representation of Two Different cricket teams. Take on Last Years Champions the Wallastone Whales as this years Up And Coming team, The Fotherberry Smarms.

At VIGA Studioes we know that Cricket is not just about the Players. Our Engineers have Implemented High Definition Physics Based Battering so that you can Feel every Grain of Wood as the Next Generation Bat collides with the most Realistic Balls that Gaming has seen.

Key Features:

A Variety of Graphics

Total Cricket Simulation

More than Seven Unlockable Characters

SIX The Cricket Game|玩街機App免費|玩APPs

Incredible Animation(s)


Single Pollicis Operation

SIX The Cricket Game|玩街機App免費|玩APPs

Sport-like Atmosphere

Over 50 Textures

SIX The Cricket Game is not just A Cricket Game, SIX The Cricket Game is The Cricket Game.

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