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Are you doing 'Secret Santa' with your friends, family or colleagues this Christmas? This application eliminates all the hard work and keeps it truly anonymous.

You just add the participants and the application will automatically allocate each person's 'Secret Santa' and send out notifications.

This can be used to organise a fun gift exchange event for various occasions including Christmas, Eid, Honika and Chinese New Year.

Features include:

Secret Santa|玩社交App免費|玩APPs

-Automatic allocation of secret santa (no need to pick names out of a hat).

-Keeps track of multiple gift exchange events.

-Add particpants from your phones contact list or input their details manually.

-Options to email individual allocations to each participant and/or to an organiser.

-Editing of participant contact info and notification options after allocation (in order to fix mistakes such as wrong names or email addresses).

-Resending of notifications.

-Resending of unsuccessful notifications.

Secret Santa|玩社交App免費|玩APPs

Use the 'Secret Santa' app for Windows Phone 7 to organise your gift exchange event this holiday!

Secret Santa|玩社交App免費|玩APPs

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