Secure - FREE|玩不用錢攝影App

Secure - FREE|玩攝影App免費|玩APPs

Keep your secret photos away from prying eyes! SecureIt is a Photo Locker application that will allow you to lock away private or secret photos in a password protected and encrypted storage location.

Allow others to see your photo library without worrying about your private, personal photos!

How it works -

Import your photos from your media library into SecureIt, Delete them from your media library once you've confirmed they are secured. When you want to view them - either view them within SecureIt's convieniant photo browser - or export to your media library so you can send them to others via MMS, Mail, etc.

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Version 1.1

- Added Previous/Next button in photoviewer

Version 1.2

Secure - FREE|玩攝影App免費|玩APPs

- Added Zoom

- Added Support/Feedback page

- Bugfixes

Version 2.0

- Added support for Folders

- Moved buttons to Application Bar

- Added Change Password functionality

- Performance enhancements

- Bugfixes

Version 2.1

- Fix crash in folder

Secure - FREE|玩攝影App免費|玩APPs

Version 2.2

- Display LOCK Screen on back button press

Secure - FREE|玩攝影App免費|玩APPs

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