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Hse Audio Signal Generator and Analyzer

- generates single frequencies up to 24 kHz

- sine, square, triangle, ramp, sawtooth, Dirac peaks

- 0.1 Hz steps

Signal Generator|玩生產應用App免費|玩APPs

- duty-cycle for triangle and square

- 44.1 kHz or 48 kHz

- frequency sweeps

- multi frequency synthesizer with function plotter

Signal Generator|玩生產應用App免費|玩APPs

- dual channel operation

- white noise, pink noise, brown noise, 1/3oct noise

- background sound under screenlock

- real time FFT spectrum analyzer with peak detection

Signal Generator|玩生產應用App免費|玩APPs

- 16 bit

- volume, pitch and panning control

- fulfills Nyquist–Shannon sampling theorem

- in trial version up to 1 kHz

Signal Generator|玩生產應用App免費|玩APPs

- fast signal calculation

- detailed user manual


Signal Generator|玩生產應用App免費|玩APPs

- tune musical instruments

- detect musical notes

- check low frequency room modes

- find resonating things in rooms

Signal Generator|玩生產應用App免費|玩APPs

- check your phone sound quality

- check devices with test tones

- design and analyze Fourier series

- create Lissajous figures on an oscilloscope

Signal Generator|玩生產應用App免費|玩APPs

- measure loudspeaker response

- determine distortion in loudspeakers

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