Simulator Fury Hunter Shoot|玩不用錢動作App

Simulator Fury Hunter Shoot|玩動作App免費|玩APPs

Best free hunting simulator!

Enjoy the exciting hunting fun!

★ FREE simulator

★ Lifelike wild land scenes

★ Real sniper gun shooting

★ High-power gun sight & accurate shooting

★ Large space for you to search targets

★ Outstanding BGM

Simulator Fury Hunter Shoot|玩動作App免費|玩APPs

★ Rhinos, elephants, lions, goats… hunt as you like

How to play:

★ Control to move and aim accurately

★ Hunt for various animals

★ Be careful of the raid from flesh-eaters

★ Load bullets automatically

★ Be a crazy animal reaper and win high scores

Simulator Fury Hunter Shoot is a simulating wild hunting game. You can use multiple weapons to shoot different animals as you like.

Just enjoy the exciting of lifelike scenes & BGM, the wild land full of dangers!

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