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Are you finding it hard to sleep easily? Then download the Sleep Deeply App - one of the most effective ways to relax quickly and promote sleep! This app will help prevent anxiety, relax your mind and help you achieve a good night's sleep!

This app has been created by an award-winning UK hypnotherapist Darren Marks and has helped tens of thousands of people worldwide - using the latest techniques in hypnotherapy - to beat insomnia and achieve a deep restful sleep!

If you would either like to experience a deeper sleep, relieve stress, relax and meditate quickly and effectively, aid your sleep cycle and enjoy the relaxing sounds of nature as background music, then this is the best hypnosis app to help you achieve the ultimate peace of mind!

Don't worry if you are new to hypnotherapy, with this app you'll get lots of great tips that effortlessly guide you towards a state of relaxation and easy sleep routine!



- Sleep Deeply state-of-the-art hypnosis and relaxation sessions

- Lifetime support that will help manage your experience with the app

- Audio explanations to help you prepare for a good night's sleep and achieve your goals

- Video FAQs to help you understand and feel comfortable with the process.

- Supporting material to help you sleep faster

We have also included 2 ADDITIONAL FREE BONUS hypnosis sessions by Darren Marks to help you along the way:

1.) Relax Completely

2.) Release Limiting Beliefs & Decisions

Download Sleep Deeply now - let go of negative thoughts, achieve your goals and relaxed state of mind and sleep well tonight!


But don't just take our word for it:

“The Ultimate in Self Help…the high quality recordings entertain, relax, entrance and help get results rapidly”. Yoga Magazine

"I love this app! I've tried dozens of Lightning Bug, Sleep Cycle and Melody apps, and this is my favourite. I just wish my alarm clock would use Darren’s voice to wake me up!” by Mardy Johnson - App Store Review

"I love the ambient sound of the ocean and nature as I relax and drift off to sleep - almost sounds like a lullaby! I hear the gentle noise and quietly enjoy my moments of calm. I sleep like a baby every time I run this app! " Susie Kym (Exercise enthusiast)

"I've struggled for years with sleep deprivation and stress. I've tried various Sleepbot and tracker plans but with limited success in getting to sleep quick and waking up early. My meditation instructor recommended this hypnotherapy app and it's helped me greatly reduce all forms of stress in my life, sleep faster and I've had sweet lucid dreams ever since!" Jack Tolson (Yoga instructor)

"This app has not only helped me with my state of mind and my sleeping cycle - I'm eating less and managing my health better. The theta brainwave session was especially helpful! Darren's voice is also really soothing!" - Andrew White (pro diet coach)


We’re passionate about helping people use self hypnosis to sleep deeply and your feedback is important to us. So please email us at

with any questions or feedback.

Download Sleep Deeply now and sleep well tonight!

Sleep Deeply|玩醫療App免費|玩APPs

Sleep Deeply|玩醫療App免費|玩APPs

Sleep Deeply|玩醫療App免費|玩APPs

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