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Smiley Drop is a challenging interactive bubble shooter game that allows a single player to shoot Smiley Bubbles to make a cluster of three or more. As long as three Smileys of the same color are touching after the player shoots the loaded pointer Smiley, it clears the cluster and earns points. While only three are required, getting more than three Smileys removes the cluster and earns the player even more points. Smiley Drop encourages the player to “think” and “strategize” before they shoot in order to clear the board before the 1,000 pound weight drops and squishes the Smileys. In order to advance through the levels, the player must clear all Smileys off the playing area before the weight Drop’s on the Smileys. Each level progressively gets more challenging. The Drop gets faster and additional colored Smileys appear. The reward is more points at higher levels, and once you clear a level, you advance to a new level. How many levels can you complete before the Smileys get the Drop on you?Features of Smiley Drop include:• Smiley faces in Eight Colors.• A rare Smiley can appear from time to time. We call him “Wild Smiley”. This Smiley is a clever little dude who will change to match the color of the first Smiley it hits. Use this dude wisely.• A pause feature.• Adorable sounds. The player can choose to have the sound on or off.• An instructions feature for those players who ‘lost their Smiley’ way to play.• Limitless levels of Smiley fun….if your shooting skills are good enough.• The ability to purchase a version of the Smiley Drop game without advertising.• The paid version of the Smiley Drop game has a bonus feature. “Wild Smiley” appears twice as much in the paid version vs. the free version.

Smiley Drop (Free)|玩遊戲App免費|玩APPs

Smiley Drop (Free)|玩遊戲App免費|玩APPs

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