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Speed Test, the most powerful internet speed meter, with the most accurate report, tests network speed in seconds! It supports speed test of WiFi hotspots and GPRS (2G, 3G,4G). With WiFi speed test and internet speed test, one tap speed test makes it possible to get test results within 20 seconds. In addition, Speed Test can also monitor the network environment of your phone to safeguard your private information, clear cache and junk file, boost speed up, and offer high quality as well as high speed online experience.


☆ Lite

Speed Test occupies less memory on your phone.

☆ Convenient to Use

One tap to test network speed. Speed Test offers the maximum convenience for speed testing, is the best WiFi analyzer.

☆ Fast

One tap speed test makes it possible to get test result within 20 seconds.

☆ Safety

Speed Test helps to monitor network environment and safeguard your private information.

☆ Performance Optimizer

Speed Test|玩工具App免費|玩APPs

Speed Test helps to Clear cache and junk file, and offers highest quality online experience.

-----------MAIN FUNCTION-----------

► Speed Test

1.Wide-Ranging Test: Speed Test supports speed test of multi-types network connection, such as WiFi hotspots and GPRS (2G, 3G,4G).

2.Test Data Report: One tap speed test makes it possible to get test result within 20 seconds. The test report will clearly show you the speed of ping, downloading, and uploading.

3. History Record: You can also easily check the historical speed test records.

► Android cleaner

1.Memory Clean: Phone runs slowly with high CPU temperature after used? It is time to clean your phone up! Speed test helps to clean junk files, release storage, optimize performance and cool down CPU temperature, make it easily to solve the problem of lagging and slow running.

2.Cache Clear: Speed Test can also clear unnecessary cache files, offers smooth and higher quality online experience.

► WiFi Security

Speed Test monitors the connecting network environment in real time, offers guarantee for network security, recognize malicious hotspots and prevent you from hidden hazards and information leakage.

Speed Test, your best internet speed meter, tests speed in one tap. It helps to exactly acquire the speed of ping, downloading and uploading, and ensure the network security of WiFi hotspots. In addition, Speed Test boosts network speed up while clearing cache and junk file, makes it possible to surf the internet in higher speed freely.

Speed Test, your best choice! One tap to get the network speed. No need to worry about network delay caused by unknown connection anymore!

Speed Test, your best choice! Ensures network security in real time. No need to worry about privacy stealing and information leakage anymore!

Speed Test, your best choice! Clears cache and junk files in seconds. No need to worry about lagging anymore!

Contact Speed Test:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FotoRus

Speed Test|玩工具App免費|玩APPs

Instagram: https://instagram.com/fotorus_official


Speed Test|玩工具App免費|玩APPs

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