Welcome to SpeedScene!When driving, have you ever wondered just what speed you are going at? Your car's speedometer will give you an estimated speed, but even something as basic as changing tire pressure can give you different results.SpeedScene listens to the GPS satellites to work out what speed you are actually cruising at. It also has the following features:1. The speedometer changes color based on how fast you are going2. Put it up on your dash, under your windshield, and it will be projected up onto the glass (HUD mode) at night time: no more having to look away from the road down at your car's speedo to see what speed you are going at3. Has a night mode for night time viewing4. It supports your phone's landscape and portrait modesNotes:-> To use this product, please ensure that your GPS is activated on your device-> If you find the night time HUD mode to be too dark, increase the brightness setting for your phone-> It does not run on black magic: you will need to be driving in the open (i.e. not underground!) to help your phone get a good signal

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