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A perfect companion for your car, Speedometer Pro has classic and futuristic two designs with its large and stylish view , enjoy driving your car and other activities where you need to know your speed track your maximum,average

and other travel information.

You can track your distance with an odometer and calculate cost of any distance , turn your speedometer into a taximeter or any other cost which you want to calculate .


• Speedometer Design

Speedometer Pro|玩工具App免費|玩APPs

• Speedometer Pro has two unique designs.

• Classic


Speedometer Live Wallpaper

• With Speedometer Live Wallpaper you can simply run the application on your home screen as a live wallpaper without any disruption.

Speedometer Pro|玩工具App免費|玩APPs

• Once your live wallpaper is enabled do not forget to enable your gps . once the gps is enabled your live wallpaper will show your speed without even running your application.


• Supports Mph,Kmph,Knots

• Max Speed

• Average Speed

• Perfect Accuracy

Speedometer Pro|玩工具App免費|玩APPs


• Smart Gps

• Quick Gps Locking


• Supports km,miles,metres,feet

Speedometer Pro|玩工具App免費|玩APPs

• Tested and verified with a car odometer. Exact distance measuring

• Distance and Trip measuring. Distance and trip values can be reset.

Taximeter/Cost Calculator

• Set any cost like fuel,driving or other values and let the speedometer calculate it for you

• Over 70 worldwide currencies can be selected for cost and easily used as an professional taximeter.

Location Information

Speedometer Pro|玩工具App免費|玩APPs

• You can check your location address information


• Red Satellite button - start gps settings.

• White Plus button - start general settings.

How to use

Speedometer Pro|玩工具App免費|玩APPs

Please do not forget to enable your gps before using the speedometer pro and make sure you are using your app outdoors as it is easier to get gps lock.

Speedometer Pro|玩工具App免費|玩APPs

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