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Our project squarestars.com was launched in the end of 2014 after a deep market analytics and brainstorming.

The product we want to present to you today under squarestars.com brand is a mobile app for squarespace based sites. We assume you’ve chosen squarespace for their dedicated support, mobile ready design, easiness in setting up and custom developers that can always help you to tweak and boost your site. But don’t you feel there could be something more for you that squarespace is not offering?

Yep – you need to take mobile apps into consideration if you want to retain and interact with end users in a better way. The advantage of having mobile apps together with the website is already proved by a lot of researches and became a ‘must have’ for any type of online presence.

Interested? From now you can create your own apps with us in a few easy steps.

Main features:

- customizable native tabs / navigation (right from Squarestars Admin panel);

Squarestars app|玩商業App免費|玩APPs

- PUSH notifications from Squarestars Admin panel;

- PUSH notifications about new blog posts;

- more native options are in development.

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