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Sudoku is a very burning brain numbers puzzle game, Sudoku, this collection is not only to retain the traditional Sudoku gameplay rules, while adding more suitable for children and beginners Four Grid and Six Grid Sudoku, and also added more difficult X Sudoku and percent Sudoku.

『Traditional Sudoku Rules』

Swiss invention from the 18th century, spread to the United States, and then carried forward by the Japanese a mathematical game. It is a use of paper, pen calculus logic game. Players need light of known figures 9 × 9 on disk, reasoning out all the remaining spaces and satisfying each row, each column, each inclusive of a thick line intrauterine figures 1-9, will not be repeated.

Sudoku Alliance|玩解謎App免費|玩APPs

Sudoku disk nine palaces is that each house is divided into nine small cell. Given certain conditions known numbers and problem solving in this eighty-one grid, using logic and reasoning, fill in the numbers 1-9 in the other spaces. 1-9 so that each number in each row, each column and each palace only once, so called "squares."

There are five kinds of play: Four Grid Sudoku, Six Grid Sudoku, Standard Sudoku, X Sudoku Sudoku and Percent sudoku.

『Rules of the game』

Sudoku Alliance|玩解謎App免費|玩APPs

☆ Four Grid Sudoku: The number of the house four 2 * 2 composition alone, a number from 4 digits consisting of 1-4.

☆ Six Grid Sudoku: The number consists of 6 Palace 3 * 2 composition alone, six digit number from 1-6 components.

Sudoku Alliance|玩解謎App免費|玩APPs

☆ Standard Sudoku: consists of nine 3 * 3 Palace composed of Sudoku, a number from nine Arabic numerals 1-9 components.

☆ X Sudoku: Based on the standard Sudoku 9 Palace on the requirements in the "X" type diagonal digital containing 1-9 and will not be repeated.

Sudoku Alliance|玩解謎App免費|玩APPs

☆ Percent sudoku: on the basis of the 9th house standard Sudoku, the requirements in a diagonal line "%" type and two extensions intrauterine 3 * 3 figures contain 1-9 and will not be repeated.

『Game Features』

★ Comes with random levels, so you unlimited play.

Sudoku Alliance|玩解謎App免費|玩APPs

★ Remember you Minesweeper, the number of flags can be labeled alone there, and give you the most beneficial help.

★ Fit to play anyone from the age of 3 years or more.

Sudoku Alliance|玩解謎App免費|玩APPs

★ From simple to difficult, the difficulty steadily, people continue to develop their brain.

★ Children from an early age digital logic computing power.

Sudoku Alliance|玩解謎App免費|玩APPs

★ Challenge themselves, beyond the self.

★ Creen harmonious, elegant style.

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