Super Jungle Mario Adventure|玩不用錢街機App

Super Jungle Mario Adventure|玩街機App免費|玩APPs

Super Jungle Mario Adventure is the most vibrant addictive brain jumping game! This game will let you think ahead before you make any jump on the jungle while playing the levels mode.

It's similar to Mario Games, the objective of this game is to run and jump on the jungle with the Super over the obstacles and enemies and collect the stars to earn the maximum possible points. Sounds easy, but can you do it and finish each level?

Super Jungle Mario Adventure|玩街機App免費|玩APPs

How to Play?

★ First you need to install our game from Play Store for Free.

Super Jungle Mario Adventure|玩街機App免費|玩APPs

★ When You begin the first level, mario will start running, you should jump over the enemies and collect stars and coins to earn the maximum possible points.

★If you don't make a jump and you hit an enemy, the level will end and you will loose it.

Super Jungle Mario Adventure|玩街機App免費|玩APPs

★The game ends when you arrive to the finish with Super without hitting any enemy on the jungle.

Why Should you Play Super Jungle Mario adventure instead of other mario games ?


★ The game has been selected to give the best user experience and make it an addictive juming game.

Super Jungle Mario Adventure|玩街機App免費|玩APPs

★ Nice interface.

★ 80 Levels.

Super Jungle Mario Adventure|玩街機App免費|玩APPs

★ The game has different levels, that have been designed with different difficulty, so each level is harder than previous.


★ We care about you and that's why we made our gameplay very easy to play.

Super Jungle Mario Adventure|玩街機App免費|玩APPs

★ You will find 2 buttons for directions to go right or left. You can also Jump or Hit by tapping one of those 2 buttons.

Free :

★ Our game game is FREE and it will stay Free for life, so there is No hidden fees or special members, No annual subscription fee to your brain challenge.

Brain Challenging:

Super Jungle Mario Adventure|玩街機App免費|玩APPs

★ This game is for intelligent people who want to challenge their brain playing a fun game.

★ Perfect for time killing, leisure, run, brain challenge, brain training, brain challenging, bonding with family and friends. Good for kids too.Have fun with friends and others!

Super Jungle Mario Adventure|玩街機App免費|玩APPs

★ The levels will be hard as your progress on run. Also, since the enemies are generated randomly, on occasion some might not be possible to complete on the first try.

For Anyone:

★ Super Jungle Mario adventure is a free running and jumping mario game on the jungle and it can be played by Adults and Teens. Your whole family can play it!

What are you waiting for ? Download our game Now and Enjoy playing the best mario jumping game ever!

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