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-Please follow for updates!

-Made with ImpactJS-

Role-playing-game inspired by old 8-bit games. Retro music, retro graphics and absolutely black-and-white-evil villain!

Choose your playstyle from three different skilltrees!

Upgrade your gear on the way to the dark wizard!

Find the legendary Mageslayer!


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Supra RPG|玩角色扮演App免費|玩APPs

Glaneur de sons




spriteGPL lib and

Lucky Lion Studios

Pond5 Final Battle loop-

Copyright by Murray Atkinson - Ivia

Supra RPG|玩角色扮演App免費|玩APPs

also special thanks for creator of the ImpactJS-

Dominic Szablewski

!Harmless bug fixed where you could access all levels within the level selection.

!Game startup fix

!Bugfix with bosses not working correctly.

!Oversight, starting level was Desert.

!Fixed a harmless but exploitable bug

!New content "The Final Adventure"

Supra RPG|玩角色扮演App免費|玩APPs

-Explore the Desert, the Crypt and the Void.

-Defeat Sand Worm, Grandmancer and The Void Knight.

-Gather 12 different new items.

-4 new enemy types.

-FREE game extended up to the 5th world!

-Rebalanced enemy and player statistics (stat reset is recommended if high level)

-Skill reset available.

-Enemies redistributed across levels.

!Fixed crash occuring when [Reset saves] -> [Continue]

!Improved available control schemes

Supra RPG|玩角色扮演App免費|玩APPs

!Bug/crash fixes

!Made game more user friendly.

!Removed clutter from HUD

!The game shouldn't crash on the 5th boss anymore!

!Fixed the problem with buying the game and not getting full content.

-Added Elemental Palace -content

Supra RPG|玩角色扮演App免費|玩APPs

*Several new items

*More enemies

-Added Item Specialities!

*Items can now have attributes such as "Light" and "Leech"; Former giving increased movement and latter health when attacking. There are dozens of different combinations and specialities!

-Added "Hunter" and "Devastation" -skilltrees

*Hunter relies on critical damage and trickery

*Devastation focus on high damage, with high manacosts

-Added "Block" -mechanic for shields and rebalanced the items/skills

-Reworked the UI

-Performance fixes

-You can change button layout now

-Added Enemy Log

-Graphical Fixes

Supra RPG|玩角色扮演App免費|玩APPs

-Huge load of bugfixes

-Improved controls

!Note older versions of this game need to be reseted. This means that the saves might get lost, this was done because of the stability of the several added features.!

Supra RPG|玩角色扮演App免費|玩APPs

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