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TSF Weather Pendants

We all love these pendants!

This is the "Weather" pendants "widgets" for "TSF" Shell used as fun decorations;

Control the weather on your device!

All the "Weather" pendants are

hand made animated at 60 FPS ! Watch video.

Rain, snow, lighting bolts, floating sun and more!

I made these animations with the same love i have for the amazing "TSF" Shell launcher.

Check the FREE TSF Animated Pendants at the play store



-This works only on "TSF Shell" launcher.

-Tap on a pendant to stop it from moving (the sun floats).

-Tap again and the speed will change.

-Tap and hold in order to resize and move them.

-Add them from the Ha-ha icon in the side bar or from adding a "TSF widget" decoration and then choose the "Weather Widgets" pendants.

Please rate these wonderful pendants!


For some people the Rainbow clouds animation pendant may be too bright on the eyes as it uses colorful moving bright colors and lights so if you suffer from looking at bright flashy colors do not use the rainbow pendant.

This developer and its affiliates do not take any responsibility for any damages or injuries.


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TSF Weather Pendants

TSF Weather Pendants

TSF Weather Pendants

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TSF Weather Pendants

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TSF Weather Pendants
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