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The monthly publication of ‘K-star High Quality Photo News’ Top Star News (www.topstarnews.net) aims to vividly cover and report coverage on the events in which Hallyu stars attend.

In particular, the monthly Top Star News magazine that provides high quality star photo news seeks to offer vibrant high quality images that cannot be accessed anywhere else.

Top Star News covers captures the animated images and expressions of stars in film, drama, music based locations and conducts interviews through which stars are able to relay messages to their fans.

The Top Star News digital magazine can be accessed in countries all over the world through applications. More specific details on the digital application can be viewed on the following page. http://hithot.cc/topstarnews/

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Korean, Japanese & English


Super Junior(Leeteuk)


MBC Music Show Champion, music channel photo scene


☆K-Pop News☆

MBC Music Show Champion, music channel photo scene

JTBC Special Environmental water supply with Suwon Concert celebrating their 20th year

2012 Korea-China's 20th year celebratory 'Yellow Sea International Yacht race' concert photo scene

2PM, Jang Woo Young's '23, Male, Single' album showcase photo scene

☆K-Tv News☆

Weekend miniseries from Channel A, 'Miss Panda and Hedgehog'

TSN Vol.4|玩體育競技App免費|玩APPs

‘2012 Road for Hope’ production report conference.

☆K-Movie News☆

Production report conference for the film 'Drahtwurm'

Press Media Conference for the film 'Thieves'

Production report for the movie ‘Gone with the wind’

VIP Premier Screening for the film ‘5 Million Dollar Guy’

VIP Premier show for the movie ‘Drahtwurm’


Coca-Cola London Olympic summoning of Athletes

Kang Min Kyung's 'It Style Fashion Road Runway' photo scene

Lee Seung Gi's Samsung Zipel VIP Launching Party

'2012 Mnet 20's Choice' photo scene

IU's appearance at the publishment of the book 'I'm Sorry' photo scene

SDN48 member Si Yeon's Interview


Super Junior / After School / A pink / Dal★shabet / Z:EA / f(x) / MBLAQ / SISTAR / SHINee / Jang Wooyoung / Dong-Hae / Yoon Seung-ah / Choi Jin-hyuk / Yoo So-Young / BoA / Yoon Eun-hye / Ahn Sung-ki / Kim Myung-min / Moon Jung-hee / Kim Yoon-seok / Kim Hye-su / Jun Ji-hyun / Lee Jung Jae / Kim Soo-Hyun / Cha Tae-Hyun / Oh Ji Ho / Min Hyo-rin / Moon Jung-hee / Kim Dong-wan / Lee Han-wi / 2PM / Kang Min-Kyung / Lee Seung-Gi / Girls' Generation-TTS / SDN48 Siyeon / IU


K-POP / KPOP / Cinema of Korea / Korean drama / Korean wave / conference / Concert / Production Report Conference / Interview

TSN Vol.4|玩體育競技App免費|玩APPs

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TSN Vol.4|玩體育競技App免費|玩APPs

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